A Guide to LAUNCHING SMARTER Digital Campaigns: Holiday Edition

This free resource includes a channels matrix, industry standards for the education marketplace, a terms glossary and tons of other information to optimize, maximize and energize your digital advertising.


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In the spirit of giving this holiday season, we’ve put together the ultimate resource to prepare your
digital advertising campaigns for the new year. This beginner’s guide to launching smarter digital campaigns is jam-packed with resources and insights from our digital marketing experts. Consider this a gift from us to you and your team.

This ebook answers pressing questions like:

  • What is CPC, CPM, CPL and how do I use these terms to understand the ROI of my campaigns?
  • How do my averages and costs compare to similar programs?
  • Which channels are the right fit for my marketing mix? Any new platforms I should know about?
  • What can my team do now to prepare for success after Winter Break?

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